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Barriers to Seeking Help

RedbridgeCVS in partnership with NELFT has a published a report looking into what stops ethnic minority groups in Redbridge accessing mental health services.

The report was the result of research and community development work conducted by RedbridgeCVS' Mental Health Community Development Worker.

You can read and download the report here

What are the Mental Capacity Act Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards?

This leaflet provides a brief general introduction to the Mental Capacity Act Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards and has been specifically designed for care homes and hospitals to help staff understand what the safeguards will mean for them and their service users.

You can download and read the leaflet here

Capital Volunteering Legacy Fund

The Capital Volunteering Legacy fund launches in January 2009. It will award small grants of up to £3,000 for service user led approaches and activities which improve the social inclusion of people with mental health issues, through volunteering.

This is a unique fund which really does represent a fantastic opportunity for service users to build social networks, self-help approaches and become more involved in their community. The fund will run for at least 5 years and is for London based projects at the moment.

The paperwork is on the CSV website and applications are invited from January 2009. For more information visit the CSV website.

Adult Acute Ward Transformation Programme

The nine adult acute wards across the North East London Foundation Trust are currently engaged in a far reaching Improvement Programme aimed at improving the quality of care provided and building supportive systems for staff.

Sue Merchant, Service Improvement Manager says: "The programme provides us with a real opportunity to work collaboratively with staff and service users to bring about real changes and improvements."

You can find out more about the programme here

Justice for Families - The Impact of the family justice system on children's lives

-- Event --
A conference for professionals working with families involved with the family justice system on 25 March 2009 from 9.30am to 5.00pm
-- Venue --
Cavendish Conference Centre 44 Hallam St, London, W1W 6JJ
-- Cost --
£150 (incl. seated lunch and refreshments)

To apply for a place or for more information please contact: Adriana Zacharova on 0208 483 2947 or email: or download a flyer here: here

When a Parent Has a Mental Illness

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has funded a short film to help children and young people better understand mental illness.

One in 12 children in the UK has a parent with a mental illness. However, it can be difficult to explain mental health problems in a way that is both easily understood by a young person, and acceptable as an explanation to their parents and relevant health professionals.

The new 16-minute film, called: When a parent has a mental illness, can be watched for free on the Royal College of Psychiatrists' website

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