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Free Your Mind

Mobile: 07887960007

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Category: Support Groups

Service Description:
Free Your Mind - a Mental health and well being service that aims to give individuals support through our online and offline community and the essential tools to help them rebuild their sense of self, through the medium of writing their own story through the website.

We also offer workshops and plans to help people work through their experience. The objective of this is to address and tackle the issue of mental health in all communities including the BME community, for young and older people. Addressing the stigma surrounding the issue, by encouraging conversations about mental health and mental illness to take place.

We believe that, by encouraging people to look at the milestones that have taken place in their lives and at their story so far,individuals can start to look at those feelings and situations from an outside perspective like they would when advising a friend or a family member.

This is how we seek to help others to begin to learn about their own mental health, rediscover themselves and take control of their own life story.

Days & Hours of Opening: Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm