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Disability Information Directory

First Tier Tribunal Mental Health

PO BOX 8793
5th Floor

Tel: 0300 123 2201

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Category: Legal Aid

Service Description:
We’re responsible for handling applications for the discharge of patients detained in psychiatric hospitals. We also handle applications to change community treatment orders and the conditions placed on a ‘conditional discharge’ from hospital.

Tribunal hearings are normally held in private and take place in the hospital where the patient is or used to be detained or a convenient community unit.

Our principal powers are: to discharge a detained patient from hospital immediately or after a short further period of detention. In some cases, the discharge will be conditional with a view to discharge on a future date, to recommend leave of absence, or recommend transfer to another hospital. To recommend that the patient’s Responsible Clinician consider making a Community Treatment Order. The tribunal may reconvene and rehear a case if there is a failure to comply with their recommendations.