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Disability Information Directory

Eating Disorders and Carers

International Students House
229 Great Portland Street

Tel: 07733 260 475

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Category: Carers, Eating Disorders, National Organisations, Support Groups

Service Description:
Caring for someone with an Eating Disorder can be an enormous burden, bringing with it feelings of anger, fear, anxiety and isolation. Self esteem and self confidence can be affected as you watch a loved one suffer from an illness that you often feel powerless to do anything about, and you may feel unable to deal with the resulting family stresses.

Two hour group session for those looking after someone with an eating disorder.The purpose of the group is to provide a mutually supportive and confidential environment for sharing experiences and ideas, to reduce feelings of isolation.

Carers attending the group will gain inspiration from:

- sharing with others and learning from their experiences

- exploring new ways of dealing with the problems

- benefiting from the information and literature they receive