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Srebrenica Memorial Event & Launch of Hate Crime Pledge

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Start: 10:00
Finish: 12:00

Flag raising and one minute silence outside the Town Hall,
followed by event in the Town Hall. 

Join us to commemorate the lives lost and sign the hate crime
pledge to send a clear message: ‘Redbridge does not tolerate hate’

Remembering Srebrenica
Fifty years after the world said ‘Never Again’ to the horrors
of the Holocaust, genocide took place on European soil.

Leader of the Council, Mayor of the Council, Faith Leaders
and guest speaker Amra Mujkanovic who from a family
of survivors - 3 generations before her went through
concentration camps at the hands of first the Nazis and then
the Bosnian Serbs in the 1990s. She was born in Scotland,
but is proud to be Bosnian, a Muslim and the child of
refugees and challenge people about what that means.

Hate Crime Pledge
The lesson from Srebrenica is that no society is invulnerable to prejudice
and intolerance. We must all remain vigilant against these forces, and take
positive action to build stronger, more resilient communities.
Genocide does not happen overnight. It begins when hatred and
intolerance are left unchallenged or are manipulated for political gain.

Venue: Redbridge Town Hall, 128-142 High Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 1DD

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