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Redbridge Green Fair

Saturday 23 June 2018

Start: 11:00
Finish: 17:00

At the RFF October 2017 Network Meeting, about 40 of us sat together to talk about practical ways we can work for peace in our troubled world and build a better Redbridge. As the ideas and practices that came out of the networking session showed this is some thing we do everyday and we can do it throughout the year. 

However there is a special great opportunity to build peace and welcome your neighbour on Saturday 23rd June 2018, if you can put that date in your diary. Its called the Redbridge Green Fair. It has been held every two years for over 25 years. It is run entirely by volunteers. The Green Fair invites voluntary, community and faith groups to come along for the day and celebrate what is good in Redbridge and to contribute towards how that can be in many ways. 

You can take part in the Green Fair in many ways including showing what you organisation or faithgroup is doing in the borough to create better harmony or well being. For instance your FaithGroup could work together with others on your own stall, show people in Redbridge about the work you are doing, publicise all the activities that go on in your building, celebrate all that is good in our environment / borough,  raise awareness of environmental and social concerns , like climate change, recycling, airpollution or reduction of plastic waste, show care for creation, nature or conservation, run some practical / art /craft activities for all ages or for children, sell jam, raise funds for good causes, work with other voluntary organisations or at an inter faith level, support the work of a tiny group of activists who are working for common good, tell your faith community members to come along or do other activities – of your own creating. 

There will be more information about Redbridge Green Fair in the future withspecific details of how to take part, book a stall etc. But for now if you have a project idea youwould like to discuss or plan you can contact to work out ideas forwhat to do in June.

Venue: Melbourne Field, Valentines Park, Ilford.

Contact: Peter Musgrave
Cost: £FREE

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