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Nelmht Lead By Example

Nelmht, in partnership with local service user and carer groups, has published comprehensive Service User and Carer Involvement Strategies copies of which you can download here.

Christine Bullivant, Project Manager at Run Up, said: "This is a positive step forward and we will be closely monitoring the Trust to make sure that they keep the promises made in the action plan."

Survey Reveals Mental Health Cuts

More than half of England's mental health trusts have seen money diverted away from them to pay for deficits in other local health services, according to a survey published by the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health.

Angela Greatley, chief executive of SCMH, said: "It is very worrying that mental health trusts are being squeezed to pay for the overspends of acute trusts using the new Payment by Results system. The NHS exists to bring greater fairness to health care funding and provision. It is essential to maintain that principle that the needs of mental health service users and their families are not compromised by financial pressures elsewhere in the system."

Redbridge Hearing Voices Recovery Group

According to research up to 10% of the population hear voices but only a minority become mental health service users. Dutch psychologists Marius Romme and Sandra Escher believe that if people accept that their voices are real and meaningful rather than trying to suppress them, they can find ways of coping and living with them.

It is with this in mind that we have set up a Hearing Voices Recovery Group in Redbridge where people who share the experience of hearing voices, come together to help and support each other with the aim of offering an opportunity for people to accept and 'live with their voices'.

We meet every Thursday from 3pm to 4.30pm at 19 Mansfield Road, Ilford, IG1 3BA

To find out more contact Jon Abrams (tel: 020 8925 2435) or Jackie Ede (tel: 020 8970 4043)

Big Up Batik

thinkarts and North East London Advocacy are running a series of batik workshops for mental health service user groups. Batik is both an art and a craft based on the centuries old practice of using wax and dye to decorate cloth.

To find out more visit the thinkarts website or alternatively contact Jackie Ede on 020 8970 4043.

Unity Festival 2006 - Promoting Diversity In Redbridge

The BME (Black Minority and Ethnic) Housing Group, alongside the Tenant Participation Team for Redbridge Council, are organising a Unity Festival to promote diversity within Redbridge. The purpose of the festival is to promote the ethnic diversity of the Borough, to encourage and improve representation from BME communities and other under represented groups, in the Borough. It is an opportunity to develop and enhance their skills and ability to engage in the community they live in. It also provides a unique opportunity to encourage and promote resident participation in Housing Services, as well as publicise relevant Housing and local services provided to residents in the Borough.

The festival will take place in Loxford Park, Loxford Lane, Ilford on Saturday 2nd September 2006, from 12 noon - 4pm.

If you are interested in supporting this event, please download the form here or alternatively call Nikki Oguntona - Festival Co-ordinator - London Borough of Redbridge on 020 8708 7629

Mental Health Services Must Listen To Black Communities

"Black and minority ethnic communities must speak out without fear, and mental health services must respond, if we are to avoid the tragedy of another David Bennett inquiry," says psychiatrist and campaigner Suman Fernando in the latest edition of The Agenda newsletter from the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health (SCMH).

Run Up has obtained a research grant to capture the experiences and views of Redbridge BME mental health service inpatients. The research will be focussing on two key areas: admissions and discharges. We will keep you updated in future bulletins.

Social Exclusion Of Older People: Future Trends And Policies

This report examines how the landscape of social exclusion is likely to change over the next five to 15 years and the policy implications of these changes. It also aims to highlight the most promising policy options in seeking to combat present and future social exclusion among older people. To read and download the report click here.

Anxiety Care Is Seeking Person For Position Of Treasurer

Anxiety Care is looking for a trustee to join as a treasurer. The candidate will be PC literate, understand accounting software packages (i.e. Sage), have financial knowledge & understanding and be able to look after finances including a very small payroll. Anxiety Care is a small charity and is therefore only required to prepare basic accounts.

For further information contact Trish Mossey on 020 8262 8891 or alternatively email her at:

New Report On The Mental Health Of Asylum Seekers And Refugees

The Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health has published a report on the provision of mental health services to asylum seekers and refugees in London. 'Unheard Voices' builds on recent research into the mental health needs of asylum seekers and refugees which has demonstrated that they are likely to experience poorer mental health than native populations and are amongst the most vulnerable and socially excluded people in our society. You can read and download a copy of the report here

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